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Absolutely Awesome Long-Term Win Strike Rate

Within Racing Secrets you will discover how backing even short priced race favourites can create phenomenal Capital Growth rates of up to 78% per annum.

With massive betting pools now available at the track, on the totes and online, a modest starting investment has every potential to grow exponentially, TAX FREE, across comparatively short time frames. This has been demonstrated to be genuinely achievable using the past results of any ONE of the Six Selection Methods detailed in Racing Secrets.

21 Years of Past Results
More than 35000 races analysed
Proven Level Stakes Profit
Backing just One Horse per Race to Win!

First published in 2007, Racing Secrets contains six separate selection methods focusing on short priced race favourites through to LONG SHOT SPECIALS displaying a proven capacity to find winners paying up to $93 for a $1 Win Bet.

Recession Proof Your Income Today
Discover the Key to Consistent Capital Growth

In many countries worldwide, income earned through wagering on horse racing is considered entirely TAX FREE. Racing Secrets uses specialised Money Management techniques with demonstrated capacity to earn long term Capital Growth to match or surpass historical trends of Real Estate and Stock Market investments.

Enjoy Sensational Win Profits from Racing Secrets

The true test of any racing selection method is its capacity to generate a
Level Stakes Profit over an extended time frame.

A simple $100 win bet placed on every selection contained in Racing Secrets, including all losing selections, has been shown to generate an extraordinary Net Profit of $90,500 at Level Stakes.

Combined with special Money Management Techniques and betting strategies detailed in Racing Secrets, the potential to create exceptional Long Term Profits from proven selection methods, tested across more than two decades of thoroughbred racing, can’t be ignored.

If you want to make money horse racing, betting to win, then Racing Secrets is the most extraordinarily powerful tool you can own to help you achieve that aim!

What makes Racing Secrets better than the rest?

It’s a fact, horse racing tips and horse racing systems have been around for as long as horse racing itself.  Department of Fair Trade and Better Business Bureaus worldwide provide regular warnings to the public to be wary of the latest, high priced, computer betting system scams that promise much, but seldom deliver.

People have tried to win on horses across the centuries by betting on both thoroughbred and harness racing. With 21 years of proven past success, Racing Secrets is the only  horse racing strategy product available that boasts all of the following features to help fast track your path to success.

  • 21 Years of Verifiable Profitable Past Results
  • Past Result claims backed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Proven long term 70% Win Strike Rate providing a level stakes Profit on Turnover using Tote dividends
  • Money Management techniques generating accelerated Capital Growth rates of up to 78% per annum
  • Six Selection Methods providing a constant stream of verifiable winners paying up to $93 for a $1 win investment
  • The capacity to bet prior to race day if required
  • Simple, Fully Explained, Easy to Use Information that can instantly be applied to professional, flat track thoroughbred horse racing – Worldwide.
  • Product sold and supported by a legitimate, Government registered business that has been trading continuously since 1986
  • No additional ongoing costs after purchase
Product Comparison Checklist

If you are looking at alternative products to Racing Secrets check to
see how they compare on key customer benefit issues prior to your purchase.

  • Does the product offer 21 years of Verifiable Past Results?
  • Is the product supported by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee?
  • Can the product show a verifiable Profit on Turnover at Level Stakes across a minimum 8 year time frame?
  • Does the product generate proven long term Win Strike Rates of up to 70% from one horse per race selections?
  • Can the product pick consistent Long Shot Winners as well as generating Capital Growth of up to 78% per annum from short priced favourites?
  • Is the product sold and supported by a long term, legitimate, Government registered business that has been trading continuously since 1986?
  • What are the ongoing computer hardware, software, tipster, form or database subscription costs associated with using the product?
  • Can you use the product to make your selections prior to race day if required?



21 Years of Verifiable Past Results - Guaranteed!

Racing Secrets provides six unique Selection Methods that collectively span more than 35,000 race results, analyzed over a 21 year timeframe.

By studying the contents of Racing Secrets you will develop:

Achieving a 70% average Win Strike Rate is an indisputably rare skill possessed by only the most experienced of race investors. 

Within the pages of Racing Secrets YOU will learn how this was done!

Racing Secrets provides many outstanding examples of Capital Growth achieved from professional Selection and Money Management techniques as applied to Thoroughbred Horse Racing.  The Graph below highlights capital gains in excess of 92 times the original starting investment achieved by applying just one of the Six Racing Secrets Selection Methods across a 13 year period.

These Capital Gains are regarded as TAX FREE INCOME in many countries worldwide.

Whilst there can be absolutely no guarantee of future success when using these methods, applied with diligence, the techniques illustrated in Racing Secrets may literally become a LICENCE to PRINT MONEY for the astute investor.

FACT: Less than 5% of people betting on horse racing today will win in the long term.

Special Offer - One Simple Secret

Start Your Own Cash Flow Business Today

Racing Secrets uncovers Twenty Eight different factors all of which can have a most significant influence on the outcome of a horse race.

By harnessing the power of research and carefully applying One Simple Secret to the most common form of betting used by punters world wide, a phenomenal increase in winning bets was observed. On analysis of a basic $25 win only bet strategy, based on tote dividends, $97,200 more was paid out on winning bets generated using One Simple Secret than on the selections that would have been wagered on had the ‘Simple Secret’ not been applied.

In addition, a 28% boost in the Win Strike Rate was achieved by linking One Simple Secret with an extremely popular selection strategy used in thoroughbred horse racing worldwide.

Backed by the evidence of more than 35,000 race results Racing Secrets will astound all who uncover its simplicity and capacity to generate long term financial success through wagering on horse racing.

By way of a SPECIAL BONUS OFFER racing enthusiasts the world over now have the opportunity of learning this one extremely powerful, time-proven, Simple Secret for Horse Racing Profit Optimisation FREE with every purchase of Racing Secrets.

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a FREE COPY of One Simple Secret will be included with every copy of Racing Secrets Vol 1 & Vol 2 purchased within the next 7 days.

Speed Learning Program

In less than 5 minutes learn how easy it is to pick up to 50% Winners or more at the Horse Races using Free online Formguides!

IMPORTANT:- For a strictly limited period, the publisher of Racing Secrets is including a FREE COPY of the outstanding Speed Learning Audio Program for thoroughbred horse racing with every copy of Racing Secrets Vol 1 and Vol 2 purchased within the next 7 days.

Picking consistent winners at value odds remains the hardest challenge for all who wager on horse racing.

For the first time ever a SPEED LEARNING PROGRAM has been developed that provides six essential elements required to consistently pick up to 50% winners or more from EVERY RACE that qualifies for your investment!

Available exclusively as an AUDIO DOWNLOAD with accompanying Past Results document (pdf format), the Speed Learning Program teaches you in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES all of the skills you need to potentially uncover a constant stream of winners from horse racing.

This information has never been released to the public before and is EXCLUSIVE to Racing Secrets.

The Speed Learning selection method has been thoroughly tested on over 30,400 actual race results.

When applied to every major metropolitan horse race meeting conducted in Australia from January 2000 through to December 2007, the Speed Learning Selection method generated an astonishing 54% Win Strike Rate across an eight year time frame.

Not only did the method find 54% winners from every qualifying race in the 30,400 races analysed, it further provided a Profit on Turnover of more than 9.6% for every dollar invested.

QUESTION: Can you spare FIVE MINUTES right now to uncover a potentially lucrative second income stream from horse racing?

The Speed Learning Program is available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD as an mp3 audio file.  You can listen to it immediately on your Personal Computer or load it onto your portable audio player to refresh your memory anytime, anywhere.

All the information you need to know to start selecting up to 50% WINNERS from every qualifying horse race you wager on is contained on this exclusive FIVE MINUTE audio program.

The Speed Learning Program selection method can be applied to professional, flat track, thoroughbred horse racing - Worldwide.

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Beat the Odds / The Winning Edge

Profit today from this exciting new product bundle aimed at giving YOU The Winning Edge

The publisher of Racing Secrets has released a brand new 35 minute audio
program that puts you in the drivers seat to consistently Beat the Odds and profit from horse racing.

Complete with an easy to follow written manual (supplied in pdf format), this nine chapter program examines key fundamentals in selection and betting routines that are essential to becoming a long term winner at the races.

Topics covered include :-

  • How to avoid Gambling on the Races
  • Understanding the Rules of the Game
  • Making a Profit at Level Stakes
  • Selection Systems – How to Build Your Own
  • Finding Maximum Returns for your Outlays
  • The Psychology of Betting

As part of the audio program, listeners are taught five simple selection rules which can easily be applied to thoroughbred racing worldwide.  These basic rules delivered an astonishing 43% Win Strike Rate with 58 units of profit when tested across 105 consecutive months of professional thoroughbred racing.

Importantly, the Beat the Odds selection method also generated a consistent Level Stakes Profit on Win Only betting at standard tote dividends, based on single horse per race selections.

A full copy of the 105 months Past Results for this selection method is included with the written manual supplied as part of the audio program.

Sensational Bonus Selection Method

As a special bonus for all purchasers of the Beat the Odds audio program, the publisher of Racing Secrets has agreed to make available an exclusive new Selection and Staking method called The Winning Edge.

In this seven chapter, 62 page volume, the exact methods used to uncover 46% Winners and 72% Placegetters from qualifying races in the more than 32,300 race results analysed, are outlined in a simple, easy to read format.

As shown in the graph above, The Winning Edge provides extraordinary results for Win Only betting as well as generating a clear Level Stakes Profit for Place (Show) betting too.

The fully illustrated manual covers everything the reader needs to set up a recession proof racing business including in depth analysis of the following:-

  • The Winning Edge Selection Rules
  • Where to find the relevant Form Data
  • Why the Selection Rules Work
  • Betting Prior to Race Day
  • Money Management Techniques for Racing
  • Setting Realistic Goals
  • Applying the Method to International Racing
Whilst easy to follow and apply, The Winning Edge selection rules and Money Management techniques have been shown to generate phenomenal Capital Growth in excess of 800% of startup capital across a 102 month period.

Given that in many countries Capital Growth from horse race betting is considered to be entirely TAX FREE income, The Winning Edge provides an ideal tool to combat the effects of any global financial recession.

It should be noted further that turnover on horse racing continues to climb in some countries despite poor economic conditions. By way of example, turnover on race betting in the State of Queensland, Australia increased by more than 12% in 2008/2009, at a time when unemployment and share market conditions were at their worst position in more than a decade.

Producing a 27% Profit on Turnover at Level Stakes across 102 months of trade analysis, the techniques uncovered in The Winning Edge are likely to give the reader a powerful advantage in the search for future profits from horse racing.

Full details of Past Results for The Winning Edge selection method are included with the pdf manual.

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